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Welcome To GGE POWER

GGE Power Pvt. Ltd

GGE Products for Biogas
  • Biogas & Natural Gas Gensets from 10 KW to 1200 KW in single units and plants upto 10 MW
  • Biogas Upgradation Plants from 25 m3/hr. to 2000 m3/hr.
  • GGE introduces latest glass fused & epoxy coated steel digesters & tanks.
  • Double Membrane gas holders and domes for digesters from 50 m3 capacity to 16,000 m3 capacity.
  • GGE offers biogas cleaning and conditionig systems like H2S scrubbers, gas blowers, biogas dehumedifiers, biogas flares, Pressure reducing valves, PVRV Flame Arrestors, etc
  • Pumps and agitators for digesters.
  • Biogas Compressors

GGE Power is the authorized distributor and service provider for Guascor gas engines in India. We are leading technology providers right from concept to commissioning of Biogas to Power System, Biogas Cleaning System, Biogas Digester Tanks, Biogas Dehumidifiers etc. We offer total solutions and also undertake Renewable Energy Projects on Turnkey Basis.

GGE Power focuses on long term relationships its clients, providing unmatched service and technical support for fulfilling individual customer needs and ensuring the economic success of the plants. GGE Power is committed to delivering high quality installations and providing reliable, accountable, long term maintenance support for your plants and Power / Gas generation equipment.

Highly qualified engineers who are familiar with the plants, take care of the maintenance of GGE Power Gensets and Equipment. We have established ourselves as one of the leading Technology Providers and System Integrators  of  Waste to Energy and Waste to Bio-CNG Equipment.

Our products include and are not limited to Bio Gas Digesters, Membrane type gas Domes mounted on digesters, Bio Gas Storage Balloons, Gas Scrubbing System Bio Gas Gensets and Upgrading Equipment. Developed under the supervision of experienced professionals, these systems are acknowledged for their high operational competency, low maintenance cost and reliable service life.